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ECFOH and Mercy Acts International partner to assist family recovering from Feb 2021 Houston freeze.

July 26, 2021 – For most Houston area families, the February 2021 freeze will be remembered for years to come – damage as impactful as the warm weather disasters Houston has faced in recent years.  For the Jolivette family, the recovery from the 2021 winter freeze lasted much longer than for most families.  The freeze caused a water pipe to burst in the ceiling above the families living room and kitchen, resulting in a significant repair project, forcing the family to relocate from their home for five months while the repairs were completed.  While insurance covered most of the repair costs, the out-of-pocket expenses were significant.

Mercy Acts International, a Pittsburgh, PA based Charity was touched by the news reports during the winter freeze in Houston and wanted to help.  Through a college fraternity connection, Rev James Brown reached out to Houston based Education and Charities Foundation board member Russell Crockett to discuss how Mercy Acts could assist.  Crockett suggested partnering with ECFOH to find a family in need.  At long last, the story of the Jolivette family came to the attention of ECFOH and arrangements were made to present the family with a donation to help offset some of the expenses they suffered.

Through this donation, Mercy Acts and ECFOH were able to achieve their collective charitable missions and the Jolivette family expressed their gratitude for the generosity, kindness, and support of these organizations.

Mercy Acts International